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Notifications in iOS 9

I’m expecting some magic in notifications for iOS 9 at WWDC in a few weeks.

Interactive notifications came with iOS 8. The ability to add functions…

I Have an Apple Watch, and I’m Ashamed to Wear It

It’s day three for me with an Apple Watch, even though it only came out yesterday. Like many Apple fans, tech enthusiasts, or software developers, I ordered the Watch the moment preorders went out. Due to luck in ordering the right model at the right time, I received it in the mail yesterday. One for my wife, too.

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Let’s Browse the Web like it’s 1995

Much like the iPhone, which debuted without copy & paste or Adobe Flash — to much fuss, mind you — the Watch will not have all the accoutrements we’ve…

On the Apple Watch, Every App is the iAmRich App

Since the first mention of the Apple Watch, I’ve been trying to figure out what its main use cases were for. It’s easier to get to than…

This Time, It’s All About the Kids

Whether it ends up being a mainstream hit or not, I think the Apple Watch will be a hit with the kids.

You’ll Benefit from the Apple Watch, Even if You Don’t Buy One

It’s widely known that the Watch will tap you on the arm when you recieve a notification. But what does that really…

The Apple Watch Doesn’t Have Safari, and We’re All About to Notice

A Safari icon was the first thing I looked for on this most recent Apple announcement, expecting to hear more about…

The Apple Watch, in Real Life

As a software developer whose livelihood depends on innovation, I’ve been trying to wrap my head around what wearables are really good for, and what an Apple Watch could be. For years I’ve wondered this. With its imminent release, I’ve been banging my head against a wall. Who would buy this? And why? What’s the “killer app”?

Press-driven Development

People often approach me with one big idea, their idea of a lifetime, and wonder why I don’t build it right then and there. I have ideas for products every day; my notebook is chock full of them. I have gotten better at organizing them—in order of the least amount of work for the most gain. And I’m a bit wiser on cutting out the wrong ones—ideas that are too time…