Twitter Hero Foils Terrorist Attack

me IRL

I was at a hip cafe in the Mission, finishing a horchata so I could buy an almond latte. I had a hiking backpack on and I was listening to a podcast about World War I.

A fashionable looking dude with a shiny earring gets up from his laptop and starts talking to me. He gestures at his ear, so I take out my headphones.

“You have a big pack on… where are you going to?”

“I’m going to Mexico,” I say. “I've got a flight later today.”

He smiles. “Oh that’s cool. I've been to Guadalajara before. I love it there, you’ll have a great time.”

“We’re just going to Mexico City” I say.


“That’s a nice shirt,” he says, “I like the logo.”

I’m wearing a shirt from a rock climbing gym out in Concord. The logo is a pile of rocks. I thank him and explain this to him.

“Where’s Concord?”

“Oh, out near Walnut Creek” I reply.

“I've never been there” He says.

He’s trying to get this conversation to go somewhere but he can’t quite get it there. Another pause. Finally he unveils the real topic of conversation.

“Say… Has your internet been bad today?”

I think back to the morning when I was trying to print out my boarding pass. I couldn't get the internet to work on my laptop so I did it on my phone.

“Yeah actually. The internet wasn't working for me this morning.”

The guy starts to get excited and says “I've been trying to send out this tweet all morning and I can’t do it.”

“What’s the tweet?”

“I want to warn everyone about a terrorist attack at Ghost Ship” *

This is Ghost Ship:


Ghost Ship is a big ole Halloween dress up rave in SF that is a big hit with the burner crowd. You’ll see lots of dudes dressed like this:

Like Jack Sparrow Johnny Depp lost half his clothes, fell into a random assortment of furs and then decided he wanted to be a biker. The exact sort of thing to make a fundamentalist terrorist’s blood boil, whatever his particular religiosity. And this guy says he knows there’s going to be a terrorist attack there this year.

“Why… Why do you think that?” I ask hesitantly.

“There’s just so much hate right and I think Ghost Ship would make a great target. I need to warn people to stay away.”

I think about this and offer up a lame reason why I think Ghost Ship will be safe. “I can see what you’re saying but I think Ghost Ship isn’t famous enough to be a target.”

“I love the bros. I’ve been to Ghost Ship a bunch of times. I’m not a bro but I love the bros. It’s a lot of fun. I really care about the bros. I’d hate to see something bad happen to them.”

I frown and decide I’ve had enough of this conversation. “Well I’ve got to go, if I don’t catch the train soon I’ll miss my flight. Good luck with your tweet!”

* No ravers were harmed at 2016 Ghost Ship SF. Because they took all took the necessary precautions like Magnesium Glycinate.