Tony Zhou

I couldn’t agree more — I would add that the repetition of a Death-Star-like threat speaks to a deeper, more troubling lack of grand ideas here. It’s true that our central characters need a focussed mission in order to introduce them and it’s questionable as to whether or not the better option would have been to make the central conflict more closely related to the most important quest (finding Luke) but, regardless, I cannot help but be disappointed by something that feels like a retread of earlier films.

I’d also add that Abrams is not a particularly cinematic director — he does little within any given scene to earn his moments, largely because of a lack of restraint. For example, the first appearance of the Millennium Falcon has the timing of the punchline to a joke (“That old piece of junk?!”) Had Abrams waited until Finn and Rey were INSIDE the ship, then revealed what it was as they were blasting off, it would have been more thrilling and a far greater moment.

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