The World Has Gone Mad

I’ve reached a point where I now see everyone else as mad. Literally I think the entire world is insane. People, that very likely includes you, believe, defend and fight for lies on a continuous basis that are just so outrageous and just so obviously untrue that it makes me… well… laugh.

All these people walking around thinking they know things — it’s hilarious! No wonder everyone is so uptight about defending themselves. No wonder you are shaking your head right now at my extreme arrogance and self-righteousness; the majority of your beliefs are so nonsensical that it takes constant self-defense and passive-aggression (not to mention active-aggression) to keep them from imploding. I would feel sorry for you, but you’re doing it to yourself — so I’ll just continue with self-righteousness instead (plus it has the added bonus of making me feel important.)

Which beliefs am I talking about? Well, all of them. Yes, all of them. They’re all madness. Give me one belief that you have that actually correlates to an experience that you have had directly. One. That’s all I’m asking for. “Sure, you say… psssshhhh… easy, I can do that.” Oh really? Try.

“Well Ali, you egotistical little man, I know perfectly well that we live on a planet called Earth.”

Bullshit. Someone just told you that. You’ve never even left the planet so how could you possibly know what a planet is? It’s just a word we use for where we are, whatever that means.

“How can you even say that? Everyone knows it to be true!”

Oh so the definition of ‘truth’ now is that everyone believes it, is it?

“We are mammals of the species Homo Sapien.”

Bullshit. You’re just reciting what someone else said again. What on Earth does that even mean? Those are empty labels with no substance.

“You know perfectly well what it means.”

No, actually. I’m prepared to admit that it means absolutely nothing. You’re the one who’s confusing a name for a thing.

“Fine, we live in a space-time universe.”

Oh really? I don’t see any time. Grab some of that time for me and show me what it looks like. And what is this space you speak of? As far as I can tell there doesn’t appear to be any space… it’s just me here in the middle; whenever I try to go somewhere, everything else changes and I’m still in the middle. I don’t appear to be able to move at all. So where’s this space?

“OK, now you’re just being annoying on purpose.”

Maybe I am, maybe I’m not. Yet my point is still valid. You have so far proven nothing.

“This is just philosophical bollocks. You’re just going to deny everything on some esoteric notion that ‘Oh, my name’s Ali and I took LSD and now I think everything’s an illusion!’ That’s not intelligence, everyone knows that all this mystical philosophy does not work in real life. In real life we use the scientific method, we make observations and those are real facts about real life.”

Hahahahahaha! You’ve just made a leap of faith. That’s just indoctrination into the religion of science that you and your peers all worship. You may believe that you’re taking the intelligent standpoint on the basis that you think you have to draw the line somewhere, and you may feel secure in doing so on the basis that most other people believe the same thing. Yet you did draw a line that was not there. You deny the evidence. You deny your own experience of the world in favor of believing something that can never be proven, that you have never experienced, that someone else told you.

It’s true that mystical philosophy does destroy everything we believe in. It does leave us with almost nothing to cling onto, and it does this very, very quickly. But the reason why it does this so quickly is because all of that stuff you believe in is bullshit. Once you actually start following the evidence, that is your own subjective experience, instead of what other people have told you, then you will find truth with the same velocity that the lies were ripped apart.

This is why your life is messed up, because you’re lost. And don’t try telling me that you’re perfectly happy and not messed up… I will accept you telling me that only when you can define happiness to me. When you look me in the eye and say “Ali, I figured it out. Happiness is the natural state that we return to when we’re no longer lost in distractions that we inevitably create for ourselves in order to experience everything this reality has to offer. Hence when we have known and accepted unhappiness we can return back to our natural state and know for the first time the happiness that we always had, but didn’t know we had, because there was nothing to compare it against. It is both an illusion and not an illusion at the same time. It exists only in contrast to its opposite.” When you say this to me, I’ll believe you.

Perhaps you might want to admit to yourself that you don’t know things. Perhaps you might want to admit to yourself that you are messed up. That you don’t understand what’s going on. That you’ve been believing lies all your life. That you don’t know what is important in life and what is not important. That you wonder why you were put on this Earth. That you’ve been pretending to be an adult this whole time but deep down you’re just a broken child. That you are lost.

Why are you so scared to admit these things? Do you think you’ll break down? You’re already broken down. Ignoring issues doesn’t make them go away; what makes them go away is admitting, expressing and accepting. When you admit them, they’ll get better.

Yes, I have broken taboos. Yes, I made no attempt to write this article according to socially acceptable rules. Yes, the point of this article was to shake you up. Fine, you can resent what you interpret to be contempt. I’m OK with that. That’s your interpretation. I’m not even here; you wrote this to yourself.

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