Picture taken in Solotvino, Ukraine.

Love, Health and Business — 3 Teachable Moments From My Life

I can think of three major teachable moments in my life.

The first was when a woman I loved left me. I learned that love is an action and that I couldn’t be complacent about the people I care about. I started to listen more. I began to see other people’s point of view. I became a more empathetic person.

The second was when I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, an autoimmune disease that suppresses my thyroid and prevents my body from getting the hormones it needs. I learned that what I put into my body matters and that my struggle with chronic fatigue and depression wasn’t all in my head. I started to eat better. I began to have more energy. I became a healthier person.

The third was when my business partnership failed. I learned I couldn’t help others until I put myself first. I started traveling. I began daydreaming more. I became a more independent person.

These experiences make me think of a piece of marble a sculptor is working on. The marble has to lose pieces of itself before it can realize what it was always waiting to be.

This can be a painful process — we are not senseless, inanimate marble.

But it’s our choice whether we interpret these moments as losing something or becoming something.

I think both are true.