LetsEncrypt any webserver using httpsify in one minute

1)- What is “httpsify” ?

httpsify is a https offloader that uses letsencrypt to generate ssl certs for free as well as auto-renewal of them in the background with no hassle, it automatically uses HTTP/2 for handling the requests, it also makes use of multi-core technology, it's written in Golang, and it just works !

2)- Quick overview “Be Simple”?

$ ./httpsify -domains “domain.com,www.domain.com,sub1.domain.com”

3)- Where is it ?

for now it has a compiled binary just for linux “32-bit & 64-bit” but you can compile it from source code using Go compiler .

the project has been created for fun but it's ready for production, and you can get it from here .

4)- How it works ?

By default it listens on 443 port after creating valid cert for the specified domains, then it handles all ssl based requests and forward it to the backend server “which by default is listening on port 80”, it automatically saves the generated cert.pem & key.pem in the current working directory .

Don’t worry, the default options could be changed using its switches, just:

$ ./httpsify -help

then it will print the available options for you .

Notice: it's my first post on Medium, sorry for any typo :) .