To The Class Of 2017…

To the class of 2017, your parents are going through a major change right now, and I think you’re going to want to pay attention.

Every year a big group of you graduate move out of their childhood house and into a college dorm. Many parents are excited for all that you are going to learn. But your parents aren’t really ready.

Your parents don’t want to show you that they aren’t ready to have an empty nest quite yet, so they put on a brave face and act like they aren’t scared.

Your parents have lived with you and your siblings in their house for at least 18 years. Your parents don’t know what to do with all of their spare time now that you are preparing to move out and live on your own.

Your parents now have an extra room (or two) in their house that they now need to decide what to do with. Your parents might choose to keep it just like you left it for years to come (like a shrine) until you get married or possibly even after. Your parents could be like mine, and turn the two “extra” rooms into guest rooms.

Your parents want you to succeed, I know that sounds crazy but they do. Your parents don’t want you to move out until you are completely ready. Part of my theory is that they don’t want you to move out until they are ready to be on their own. When you go live on your own, so are your parents.

Your parents also want you to be independent. Not only in the sense that you can do things on your own such as laundry, dishes, and balancing life and school. But also in the sense that they want you to be financially independent.

Your parents want you to be able to balance your money and make sure that you are able to afford most of the things that you had when you lived at home, while also being able to afford your rent and basic necessities.

Your parents also need to learn how to be independent from you. I know that comes as a shock, or something you didn’t even think about, but it’s true. Your parents need to become independent from you. They need to learn how to fill their time now that you are gone. They need to learn to not be around you all of the time or call/text you all of the time.

So, to the class of 2017, please hear me when I say that your parents are having a year of lasts while you are as well. Your parents are having their last year of having you live with them and experiences that will form into memories that they will cherish forever. I know that sounds cheesy and you’ve heard this probably a hundred times by now, but please thank your parents and spend time with them while you’re still living at home. It not only helps them in their own process of becoming independent from you, but it also helps you so that you have nice memories to look back on.

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