I never said I hated you, because I don’t hate.
Amber Lisa

I think he is in denial because he does not understand what racism is, the breadth and depth and length of it, especially in the way that black people’s lives are affected in western nations. I find it hard to imagine but I try, I try to see through the lens of one or two of my characteristiscs that lead me to be (occasionally) at a disadvantage. And then multiply that by the tens and make it permanent. Then I get a glimpse. That is why we white (or other) advantaged people (social class advantage and a thousand other power differentials play out the same way) so often come out with denial, we are largely blind to being in a disadvantaged culture. It is because we are not making the effort to imagine what it might be like to be part of a subjugated culture. Advantaged people need to make that effort to see, accept the facts, and be part of the solutions.

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