Toward A Science of Intentional Change
Joe Brewer

I would like to inject another factor that will be imperative to address. Power. At present feedback has increased such that political and business activity is functioning with effects horizons of days and weeks, possibly months but only to the extent that this ‘far view' sends signals about -and has effects upon- the present moment. Years and decades are irrelevant to the way power works. Power must be maintained Now so that future power may be a greater probability. And it is feedback that is driving all our horizons to focus on keeping our place in the race this week. Mechanisms for dissipating social power are sadly lacking, a strong influence of for example The Commons in general governance - and monetary systems that build in long term effects and diminish social power rather than amplify individual advantage are yet to be invented. And- education systems that develop people for civilisation rather than produce people to do jobs. Education affects social power. But it is power, raw and amoral that needs addressing, the feeback will only continue to amplify it. We need machanisms that distribute it so that we can all have sufficient headspace to plan for next year and next decade and not worry about this month.

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