5 channels of digital marketing a must read and understand to get hired !

first of all, let us define the concept of digital-marketing in a simple way to get understand easily the channels of digital media without the need to take digital marketing courses.

Digital marketing: is the promotion of products or services via electronic media by using digital methods, channels, and tools, in addition, you can analyze your marketing campaigns and understand what is working and what isn’t in real time, and you can reach your specific and convenient customers quickly, easily and with lower cost that is nearly much better if compared to traditional offline marketing. Also, you can analyze the reaction and the behavior of your customers about your new product or service.

now, we will start mentioning those channels as follows:

1- SEO (search engine optimization):

SEO is a set of techniques that help to improve site visibility to the people who are looking for content or services related to the site via search engines.

if you want to understand much more about techniques that used to improve SEO then read the previous article about SEO HERE

2- Social media:

another channel of digital marketing which is considered from the most important channels for business because of its many advantages, free services that presents, and it’s great impact on SEO .In addition, it lets audience interact and write recommendations about any product or services they have tried in order to share their experience with others, as refer to the latest studies a high percentage of people trust consumer recommendations for purchase decisions.

3- Email marketing:

is a type of direct advertising and marketing that is done through leveraging the power of email to reach your customers and keep them engaged and also to build loyalty, trust, or brand awareness. All of those emails could be managed automatically by choosing a convenient email marketing platforms.

4- Paid ads:

one of the ways to market our product and services is paid online advertisement (get paid to watch ads) such as google ads, sponsored ads on social networks, cost per click ads, Etc. which all of them increase the visibility of our product and services on search engines, increase followers and subscribers on social networks and facilitate finding potential customers.

5- Analytics:

is the most important way to figure out what is working and what isn’t in all those channels we mentioned above by using analytics tools like google analytics and much more tools. What we need right now for our business to take it to the next level is to measure all results that come from implementing different marketing tactics, tools, and strategies, And break them down into bite-sized actionable clips to be shown in reports, in order to recognize what exactly happened in our campaign. In addition to the ability to analyze our customer’s behavior in each campaign we start, then it will help us to predict in future what will work and what will not be working on all new products and services.

finally, i want from you to dive deep into every channel that I have mentioned above, and try to understand all details related to them; then start practicing what you have learned in order to be ready to get hired.

Alaa al telawy

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