Enable Customers to be an Extension of your Sales Team

Most sales reps already understand the power of a strong referral. Whether it’s a customer referral that helps you break into a new account, or a reference call that helps close a large quarter-end deal. Referrals from trusted, common connections are one of the fastest ways to build relationships with new customers and often play a valuable role in closing new business.

In both cases a third party is involved to:

1) qualify whether the connection and partnership is a good fit
2) provide instant credibility based on their own experience working with you, and
3) make a friendly, non-intrusive introduction.

Sounds great right!

The problem is it doesn’t seem to scale. Nobody has the time to make all these introductions one by one. Referrals are very personal as you are essentially staking your reputation on the abilities of another individual. But what if you could scale these referrals without diminishing their integrity? If a product could offer the same personalized and inherently trusted experience in a more automated and analytical way.

Imagine the potential of effectively marketing the “good will” you’ve built with customers. If all your happy customers were able to share their experiences with other IT buyers all day, every day. If you could not only market your personal brand of superior customer service to 1,000’s of buyers in your area, but to 10,000’s or 100,000’s of IT buyers across the county. If you could engage new customers in a non-intrusive manner and gain instant credibility because you come highly recommended from peers they trust.

On the other hand IT buyers could (privately) evaluate not only the skill-sets and technical competencies vendors offer, but the type of service and support they provide their customers. Buyers searching for a specialized, trustworthy partner to support mission critical IT assets could view unbiased feedback from their peers (ideally those they know personally) to cut through the competitive clutter and really identify who is best suited to support them.

What if all you had to do to achieve this was take great care of your existing customers? No building call lists or marketing automation campaigns, no cold calling, or “hugging and chugging”.

Simply treat your customers well, treat them fair, and all that “good will” would be visible to all buyers without asking for a single reference call.

You focus on taking care of your customers, and they do the rest. What would it be worth to you — both in financial compensation and time? What impact would this have on the IT community and relationships across all buyers and sellers? insideIT is working to provide our network of IT Buyers and Sellers with a better experience.

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What do you think?

Have you already found this balance with your customers? All of your customers?

Have you reached maximum scale of this “good will” as an individual sales rep? How about at the company level?

Do you have die-hard, loyal customers who already recommend you to other buyers and would generate a significant amount of new business with a platform to scale those referrals?