Poor Peter Parker: The Gentrification of Spider-Man
Cameron Carpenter

My husband and I talked a lot about this.

Peter Parker is poor and this reflects in his adult life. My husband grew up with the comics (i’ve read them in my uncle’s bathroom when I was a kid). For us, who aren’t rich , we see life getting Peter and pushing him down.

He can’t end college. He is always short on money and accepts this freelance job as a photographer that can’t even be described as a job. Being a super hero has a high cost for him. He can’t success, yet he still struggles. Because money is a advantaged that he doesn’t have. He works and studies and still saves the day. If he stopped saving the day for everyone, maybe, he could end his college, step up in life… have some life quality, get out of that sub job he has… etc..

The right choice has a high cost for him. Still he does do right thing. This makes him such a great hero! Even though is depressing.

Maybe that’s why we don’t see that trace anymore. Because could be read as a depressing spiral. Because he is intelligent, and yet meritocracy doesn’t really work for him. Like didn’t work for various of us…