The Academic Ideologies that are Dividing America
Alice Atalanta, Ph.D.

Still, It is impossible to be neutral in our discourse. You Know that. Because we all, even if we don’t intend to, have a place in the world and we demonstrate that even by the words we choose.

Here in Brazil there is a law called :School without a party. Something impossible to do. Teachers are protesting about it.. because it’s a way to reassure an ideology of school in a country that (I am not kidding about this) 4 dictatorship in 128 years. The last one was the worse. Took 20 years with the military in power disappearing with people and torturing them.

Public Schools were, per example, created in France with an ideology in mind: teaching equality in a society that even the buttons of your shirt show your position in the world.

Even without teorys , we use them. A place without ideology has a ideology. Comon sense is a theory. A way to see the world. The worst problem is that we tend to ignore this.

Yes, I agree with you when you say that colleges are insular. Sometimes they act as an island that you need to get a boat of privilege to get to them. They isolate themselves from the rest of the world… as they were programmed to.

And this is wrong. But… the internet is doing the same. With everyone. Specially when you stop to think that Facebook And his algorithms are showing us just what we wish to see.

We don’t have even neutral research anymore… because if Google now that you are a antivax .. it will show you just results that say that vaccines are evil in your search.

In College we need to hear more and more the word context and anachronism. They are missing. We need to hear that everything comes from a place and nothing is really neutral. People write in response of the problems of their world and with their theoretical baggage. There is no definitive answer to a fact. There is a lot of visions of it. Like a car accident. We see it pieces of it and imagine is the whole accident, yet, the person right beside us saw something totally different.