Starting small

My brother-in-law was here a couple of months ago and he has lived out in the country for a long time (Vermont). His advice was to start with small projects so I’ve been trying to do things that I can start and finish in a day.

My neighbor came over, who is a botanist, and we went around the yard looking at what trees to thin. Basically, since the leaves came out, we now live in a jungle!

This is what our backyard looked like at the beginning of spring.

And this is what it looks like now!

So, we cut down three trees. It’s a start!

I cut them down and then Luke and Lance cut them up. Here’s a pic of Luke being a lumberjack.

Anyway, 3 trees down and about 100 more to go. This will be a long project but in the end, we will open more sunlight for the garden area (pics to come) and we will have a healthier forest around the house. Right now, too many trees competing for too little sunlight.

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