ALX Token Swap = Tremendous Success!

Here comes what the ALAX Community is excited for! We are proud to announce that ALX token swap had concluded with tremendous success! The ALX token swap started from 14th Nov 2018–29th Jan 2019. The last swap (with contacting support) was on 18th Feb 2019. Scroll down to see the figures:

No. of swaps: 487

No. of DCore accounts that received ALX: 336

Total ALX swapped: 43265192.041417

Moreover, on 13th Mar 2019, we sent 0.005 DCT for every unique account that received ALX from swap (336). We especially established this for ALAX users, who DO NOT own any DCT and cannot send their tokens from DECENT Wallet to ALAX Pay.

And that’s it! The first token swap window is OVER! Our Developer Team have worked very hard to make the ALX token swap as quick, easy and secure as possible. To ERC20 ALX holders who have not swapped their tokens yet, you still have the chance to do so by contacting and writing to our support team. We still have the tools in place so the swap can still be performed.

Of course, if you encounter any questions along the way, please contact our tech support team at or speak with our team members live in our official Telegram group.