Great Resources to Start Learning ‘Deep Learning for Image Recognition’

Take your data science skills to the next level and learn Deep Learning

Nada Alay
Nada Alay
Feb 23 · 2 min read
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Deep learning is a type of machine learning technique that learns from texts, audio or images. Deep learning models train the computers to perform human-like tasks, such as images classification, speech recognition and text translation. Deep learning models can be used to solve pattern recognition problems without human intervention. Today, deep learning is attracting the researchers and developers because it achieves high accuracy that outperforms other techniques.

A lot of people do not know how to start learning deep learning and they face difficulties in finding the best resources to understand deep learning algorithm. This article presents a list of useful resources that helped me to learn deep learning for image recognition.

1. Machine Learning and Deep Learning Fundamentals Playlist in Deeplizard YouTube Channel

Watching this playlist is an outstanding start to learn the fundamental concepts of deep learning and artificial neural networks.

2. Convolutional Neural Networks for Visual Recognition Lectures from Stanford University

The lectures are deep dive into deep learning models for image classification. The lectures also explain training deep learning models.

3. Deep Learning Specialization courses from Coursera

This specialization contains 5 courses to understand deep learning foundations and apply them (you can audit the courses for free).

4. Scientific Research Papers

Deep learning is getting attention from the researchers. Research papers are beneficial resources to understand deep learning. Here are two excellent deep learning for computer vision papers.

5. Programming Resources

Here are several resources to learn deep learning programming:

This playlist shows how to build and train deep learning models from scratch using Keras library in Python.

This channel contains good videos about deep learning programming.

It is a great book that introduces the deep learning using Keras library. This book is a “Best Sellers” book on Amazon.

Thank you for reading! Good luck with learning deep learning. 😊

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