The 14 Most Destructive Millennial Myths Debunked by Data
Richie Norton

I love this so much. So. Much.

Probably the myth that makes me shake my millennial fist the most is that our generation isn’t buying homes and diamonds (literally, read an article once entitled “Why Aren’t Millennials Buying Diamonds?” Because we’re somehow lazy or don’t care about financial success.

Yep, couldn’t possibly have anything to do with this: “The millennial generation carries a collective student loan debt of over $1 trillion. Households with student debt have a median net worth of $8,700 compared to $64,700 for households without student debt.” [Source:]

Or the fact that those degrees leave us ill-prepared for career advancement in a market saturated with educated job-seekers. Or the fact that the struggle to find full-time employment with full benefits leaves many of us without health insurance or with inadequate health insurance so we’re financially crippled by even one ER visit.

But I digress…

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