Mother and daughter

My love meets your love and feels held. We hold hands in the garden and something in me joins with you. The unknown is understood, and compassion spreads through me, a lightly sparkling, pearlescent liquid. Just two women together, yet we are bonded, mother and daughter. Fuchsia pink meets deep purple under the night sky… dark and mysterious. Wonderful. Something primal ignites in these moments and I want to protect you, always. I see you, Helen, for all that you are. So we sit, calmly, smiling at each other and even more love spreads, flowing lightly yet with strength. Comforting, like butter and honey on toast with tea on a rainy day. A cat curled up on your lap as we doze next to each other. I’m small again, wrapped up in your arms, and I can feel your loving eyes on me as I sleep and dream, feeling the hum of a lullaby, “you are my honey bunch…”
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