The place of fear

I went there yesterday. Alone in bed, I travelled down a dark, dark tunnel to a lost place. Dirty water dripped slowly down the walls of a slate-grey, empty cave. My breath froze in the ice cold air as I wondered why I had been tempted to come here. Something was terribly wrong — I felt squeezed, trapped, and desperately alone.

And then Fear came lurking out of the shadows. It growled and my ears rang with deafening pain. I shut my eyes, denying what I could see, but in that moment the wolf-like monster came slinking up.

I could feel its hot breath on my neck. I was paralysed, terrified. The dark shape reached through my ribcage and grabbed my pumping heart with its bony claws. I screamed in silence as I watched it dismantle me, whispering words of death.

And then staring at me with red eyes, it took a snapping bite into my heart. I felt its gnashing teeth meet as my hot flesh filled its mouth. I howled, and howled until suddenly I felt a powerful, explosive voice burst from within. It didn’t sound like me, and yet, it did.

It simply shouted, “No!”

Fear was startled, and thrown off by the noise. In the confusion I grabbed my pierced, bleeding heart from its jaws. I turned and ran so fast and hard that my legs seized and my lungs tore as I struggled to breathe in the dank air.

Outside the cave, I collapsed in a heap and panted, sobbing with relief that I had escaped. Wincing in agony at my bloody wound, I pushed my heart back inside, clutched my chest and cried.

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