Six Week Job Search Program

Jason Alba
Aug 1 · 2 min read

After thirteen years of working on JibberJobber (a job search CRM) I finally came up with “the next best thing.” Move over sliced bread… this six week job search program helps you get unstuck from your job search and get interviews.

I’ve traveled the world (mostly the U.S.) and talked with people all over, of all ages, in various stages of their career. I’ve talked to hundreds of resume writers and career coaches, and after learning and observing I’ve come to the conclusion that the most important thing you can do to land your next job is to have informational interviews.


Because informational interviews is how you “network into companies.” Informational interviews is how you get referrals, share your brand, get on the radar of people in your industry and profession, and learn about opportunities. As you follow-up with introductions you grow your network and start to developer real professional relationships.

Will you ever apply to jobs again? Sure. But the information you get from informational interviews should fast-track you to the right opportunities for you. You might find jobs that haven’t been posted yet (aka, the hidden job market). And you might have the right people talking about you in the right way. Informational interviews hits on all of the best practices in the job search, including networking and personal branding.

My six week program starts gently, walking you through certain tactics. Within a few weeks you are comfortably having informational interviews with the right people. By the end of the six weeks you should be in some very serious conversations, hopefully job interviews, and definitely further along than if you spent the next six weeks applying to jobs online.

Ready to learn more? My story is at, or click here to get started.

Jason Alba

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CEO of Organize and manage your job search and networking.

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