Why I love taking pictures.

Morro Bay, California

Now that my road trip is over, I have nothing left but a giant hippo cookie jar and all the pictures that I have taken over the past two weeks. From San Francisco to Yosemite, from Big Sur to Los Angeles, from Joshua Tree to the Grand Canyon, my heart was constantly full of emotions that I wanted to share with both my family and friends.

I remember my Instagram profile being on fire. Not because I was showing off but because I was sharing my experience. I wished for my friends to be with me, I wanted them to see all those beautiful landscapes. When receiving all those likes, I felt as if they were joining my trip so I tried to share as much photos as possible.

So here is an advise — don’t just post photos on social media for the likes. Post them in order to let your friends join your adventure. This is the best souvenir that you can bring back home.

Most of all, whenever you share a photo on social media, be thoughtful of how your posts will be received by your friends. They don’t usually want to see you eating in a fancy restaurant, neither do they care about the expensive stuff you buy. All that touches your true friends is your smiley face while holding a giant cookie jar, or a view of a place that you have just concurred. If not, they are not friends but followers.

At the end of the day, photography is not about having followers, it is about sharing moments. The photo that you are about to post, is it one of those you want to keep forever?

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