My Ironhack´s final project

For the final project at the bootcamp I decided to do something related with art. I started to think about the different options. The first thing that I thought was there aren´t anyplace where we can save the street art. Yes, there are blogs, Facebook, Instagram and more, but there aren´t any specific platform for artist and culture, where you can share what you do and, for the other side, get informed about what´s happen around you.

I started to check different culture webs and blogs, and here was the first problem: you have to suscribe, check and follow so many different webs and accounts to know what it´s happening in your city.

Other thing that I saw, was you can´t personalize your accounts with what you like, because normally or you have all the events in the web or is something specific.

So, I decided to create an app to share art: music, dance, theater, to create your portfolio and show what you do. The other part, the events, if you are an artists and you would like to organize meet up´s with your followers, or you are going to present your last work, you only have to create a event and everybody that follow you or are interested in would be able to join to your event.

I started doing personal interviews to potential costumers, artists, actors, and professionals of culture, asking what they would like to see and have.

Then I started creating different mindmaps to organize the ideas and the options that I had. When I focused in one idea and flow I did the empathy map, because I needed to know what the costumers felt and wanted.

Empathy Map and MindMap

Then I did the lean canvas to be more sure about what the users wanted and what I had to do to give it to them.

Lean Canvas

I create three users personas, each one with the different roles that my future costumers will present: an artist, a lover of culture, and an amateur photographer. I did the user journey based in “Stella”, the lover of culture that wanted to know what is happening in each city that she has to travel for work. And I did different users flows for each user and option in my app.

User Personas
User Journey
User Flow

Finally, I did a competitors analysis to know what other apps and webs have.

Competitor Analysis

So, based in what they said, I did the wireframes and I did the tests. When I was sure of them, I continued with the UI part and create the moodboard and the style tyle.

BeeCulture Wireframes

I wanted to create a minimalist app, giving all the importance to the works and what the people share.

Moodboard and Style Tyle

I choose the pink salmon to the structure and buttons and a electric green for the names to add more personality to the design.

I have used the “Abel” font for the headlines and “Roboto Condensed” for the rest of the text.

When you download for the first time the app, you will see a welcome page, then you will continue with the sign up or, if you have already an account, you only have to write your password and go to the home page.

Enter your email and insert your password (in case you already have an account)

If it´s the first time that you use the app, you will select your interests, because everything you are going to see it will be about what you have selected.

When you finish you go to the home page. If we start from the top of the screen you will see two tabs, one with “General” and the other with “Events”. In general you will see what it´s happening, what the people is posting of their art. Then, in events, you will see the events that the people is posting.

Event part and detail of the event

In each post, you will be able to add to your favorites, share, comment, see more people that like. To add to favorites you have to swipe to the left, and if you want to share you have to swipe to the right.

Post detail
Likes and Notifications

The next button in the menu bar is explore, where you can see recommended post of more people according to your likes and interests.

In the center you will see the camera, with it you can take photos to share or go to your gallery to upload one. You will have the option of edit the photos.

Camera, Gallery, Edit

Next to the camera we find the map, where you will see what it´s happening near by you. To change the place you have to swipe to the left.

Near by option

Finally you have your profile, where you can see your posts, photos and events; your favorites posts and the calendar with all the events that you say you will assist.


In conclusion, the objective of this app is create, with the help of all the users, a big community where everybody can share, participate and use for get more involve in the cultural world.


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