Personal Log of a new challenge

Have you ever experienced a situation where a tool you use quite often has some tiny details that just don’t make sense to you? If the answer is yes then I’m pretty sure you’ll understand the whole scope of this project.

Let’s start from the beginning

Some time ago I was looking for a lightweight tool to store some random code snippets on my mac. I wanted something that I could quickly open up to add / copy my snippets. After a quick google search, I ended up downloading teesloane/snippet-bar.

So far so good, the app ran smoothly, and I finally had a place to…

Photo by Nicole Wolf on Unsplash

Yes, I know what you’re thinking

This girl lost her mind.

or maybe something like

She doesn’t even know what she’s talking about

But before you scroll down to the comment section to insult me, please, give me the chance to explain why I think so.

Although I worked in the digital industry for just a year and a half now, I really think that most of the work that helped me grow, both as a developer and as a human, was working on the frontend part of some projects.

Why are you asking? Simply but, because working on…

Alba Ongaro

Developer by chance, I started my career as a web designer and I quickly become a web developer. In love with frontend and backend tech

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