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What responsive icons are?

Responsive icons have been around for quite some time now… Since responsive websites have become the norm, it became clear that using a single icon across different screen sizes and screen densities was becoming more of an issue… That Font Awesome Calendar Icon looks fine at 24px but at 96px it looks meh!

The solution to this problem was and is responsive icons, icons that would respond to different changes in screen size by adding or removing the detail from the icon a sit grow or shrinks.

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Responsive Icons

Why we’re using responsive icons.

It became clear to us very early on that having a font that worked fine in the 14px — 32px range wouldn't work as the screen size or component grew… basically the whole reason for responsive icons idea in the first place…

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I recently launched my new website albarrydesigns.com to focus on the more creative side of my work… Illustration

Reasons why?

The number 1 reason why is to get my work out there under its own name/banner/brand, I’ve been doing this kind of work for a while now and even though I had my work up on Dribbble, Instagram and Behance I felt that I need an anchor point ;) an area that was just me and under my name albarrydesigns

The second reason was if you google my name and are lucky enough to find my website (best way to find it is using the string…

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The Age-old Question

How to start? Where to start? This is the most common question I received since writing my last article Year 1: My First Year in Illustration and to be honest I’m probably not the best person to answer this question… but it won’t stop me trying anyway :)

Way Back When

Between 5 and 7 years ago I was working in large company in the e-commerce department working as a be all designer (did a bit of everything). The company had multiple design teams in multiple regions, this had its benefits and its drawbacks one of which is getting assets like icons, images etc. can be a bit of a process that could take multiple days (we didn’t use dropbox then). As most of us work with deadlines, sometimes these days are too valuable to wait around for a shitty icon file so I used to replicate the icon myself… Being a young designer and knowing what I know now it probably wasn’t the greatest idea in the world, With consistency being more to me now more than ever. …


Al Barry

Product Designer and Illustrator | http://albarrydesigns.com

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