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For eight years, I have been a climate voter. Every presidential election, I head to the polls with one question on my mind: Who can I trust to defend my clean air and clean water? This year, America faces the choice between voting for a man who has used the powers of the presidency to systematically dismantle decades of environmental protections, or voting for Joe Biden, a man with a workable plan to combat climate change. …

faster she flies
thru slants of golden lyte,
ovr a picture perfect view
kissin sky crystal bryte.
she scales hyer to escape
with eyes scannin the land,
drinkin in the natural shapes
n erthen cliffs so grand.
tween channels cut low
she soars bryte as a dove
beyond hillocs n isles aglow,
a rainbow from Heven above.
by forces of the moon
carried on rythms of tide,
into a lake hugged by dunes
flows the destiny of time
amid a vale wide n sunlit
whr the saltwater stirs,
evry beautiful inch of it:
the world is Hers.

n thr —…

Today, young Americans all over the country sent a powerful message to President Trump: stay in the Paris Climate Agreement, for the sake of America and for the sake of our future.

Since concluding his first international visit last Saturday, Donald Trump has been mulling over whether or not to uphold America’s commitment to the Paris Agreement of 2015, in which the United States, together with 195 nations of the global community, affirmed its commitment to reduce carbon emissions to reign in global warming and kickstart a clean energy economy. …

This is Part 6 of the Sustainable America series.

How many environmental organizations are fighting for climate justice at this point? I’ve lost track. Is it five hundred, five thousand? With how many overlapping objectives? That isn’t even counting all the student groups at all the universities across the country. The point is, there’s a lot of people doing a lot of good work out there on behalf of the planet, and this is inspiring news for anyone that cares about climate change, which is most Americans. All of these groups operate on the same front: the sustainability front. With…

This is Part 5 of the Sustainable America series.

It’s been said that millennials are special. As a millennial myself, I agree with this. We have new ideas, new habits, new expectations. But it bothers me when the media paints us as this selfish, callow, directionally-aimless horde of underemployed social media addicts that live with our parents and hop from career to career. Way to crush our spirit, news media. It’s no wonder that most millennials don’t even prefer being called “millennials” at all. We don’t consider ourselves patriotic, moral, politically active, or responsible. But in my experience, this couldn’t…

This is Part 4 in the Sustainable America series.

Americans are unique in our aspirations for the future. Whether it’s Manifest Destiny, the ideals of liberty, or the ambition of the moonshot, Americans have always had a dream in our hearts to guide us. Whether or not we can agree that America needs to be made great again, most Americans can feel that our country is hurting these days. Perhaps it’s our collective grief that our political institutions are souring into a bad joke on the world stage; perhaps it’s the fact that all too many Americans are still economically…

This is Part 3 in the Sustainable America series.

It’s the people that are in peril.

Every time I read a headline about some animal threatened by climate change, I’m always reminded of those words. The people are in peril.

Oh, the polar bears are starving because the sea ice is melting? The people are in peril. Trees are dying because of some invasive beetle caused by warmer temperatures? But the people are in peril. The coral reefs will be extinct by midcentury? The people are still in peril.

In plainer terms: it’s the people, stupid.

Climate change has always…

This is Part 2 in the Sustainable America series.

One of my biggest disappointments with the climate movement today is in the quality of journalism covering the most important news story in human history. In many respects, both science and journalism adhere to the same purpose: to seek out and share the truth. They both serve the public good, and they allow people and policymakers an informed understanding of the facts. This doesn’t always lead to better decision-making, however, as climate change in particular proves rather starkly. In perhaps the greatest failure of the press since its inception, climate journalists…

This is Part 1 in the Sustainable America series.

The Enlightenment was a failure, at least from the vantage of 2017. What was once a movement of reason, progress, and independence has given way to an era of strife, confusion, and uncertainty. It was meant to eliminate prejudice, empower the people to think rationally, and relax the chokehold that superstition and religion had over individual power. It was meant to protect the people from the overreach of those who sought to control the powerless masses. Liberty was born of this movement. America was born of this movement. Yet two hundred…

If you’re looking for a culprit in the global warming conundrum, look no further than yourself. If you’ve turned on a light switch today, you’ve contributed to the problem. If you’re reading this on a screen, you’re contributing to the problem. If you’re reading this on paper, you’re contributing to the problem. If even one thing you did today adds carbon to the atmosphere, you’re contributing to the problem.

But no one likes feeling this way, and certainly none of us hold blame for doing these things. After all, we didn’t ask to be dependent on dirty fossil fuels to…

Jonathan Kirsch

Court reporter and climate activist

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