IRIX 2.1: New payment model

Alberto Malagoli
Dec 9, 2019 · 1 min read

Following your feedback and requests, IRIX 2.1 new and improved is now ready!

Two big news:
— OFFLINE APP: the application now works completely offline and creating an account is no longer needed.
— ONE-TIME PAYMENT: gone is the subscription, you now get to use the app and all its updates forever for a one-off fee.

Also, the 30-day free trial has been reset for everyone, so even if you’ve used it already, you can use it again.

Please note, all Iris users get 50% OFF! If you have bought Iris, you are entitled to receive a discount coupon. To find out how, check out the FAQs.

I hope this comes as good news to you.

IRIX can be downloaded at:

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