IRIX 2.2: UI improvements and screen color picker

Note: Starting from version 2.1, you get to use the app and all its updates forever for a one-off fee. Gone is the subscription!

A new release of IRIX is here, with a couple of big changes:

  • the user interface has been improved in many ways (new colors, a new application icon, improved overall consistency and accessibility, …);
  • as requested by many of you, there is now a screen color picker (yay!).

Let’s see these changes in more detail.

UI improvements

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Light UI
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Dark UI

Another outcome of these enhancements is increased accessibility. You can now control most of the interface elements using only the keyboard. Use Tab and Shift-Tab to navigate between controls and Space or Enter to activate them. Some components can be controlled using the Arrow keys, i. e. to change numeric input or slider values.

You will also notice many other small improvements across the application that should improve the overall experience.

Screen color picker

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Look for the picker icon inside the color editor. Press the C keyboard key to grab a color from the screen. Press Esc or click anywhere in the application to hide the picker popup.

You can also add new colors to a color scheme by picking them from the screen:

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