3D Animation and its Benefits Towards Real Estate

Gone are the days when animation meant only entertainment. Today, it is part of a real business. Many real estate companies look at this incredible technology as an innovative technique to boost their businesses. More so because customers are no longer ignorant about how their new home or office building should look like.

The 3D animation in architecture uses the technique of animation to create computer generated images of properties as a building in construction. Such images are detail-oriented and look more realistic much to the satisfaction of the clients. Take a look at why such images add value to real estate businesses.

Benefits of 3D animation in real estate

· Great flexibility

Drawing with a pencil can be time-consuming and requires being erased and re-drawn many times. On the other hand, 3D architectural animation gives tremendous flexibility to the person working with the pictures. With animation, it is easy to try new and innovative ideas. There is little difficulty in deleting something and re-drawing. You can also add finer details later if you feel the need to. With this method, it is possible to create landscapes and other structures easily.

· Cost effective

Incorporating the techniques of animation makes it easier to find out the flaws in the designs of buildings if there are any. This is a real boon to the builders who can save a lot of money. Looking into the flaws and fixing them after construction can be expensive. Detecting such issues beforehand improves the efficiency of the project and prevents wastage of money. Since the builders get a realistic image of the building, they can make corrections then and there without any delay. Apart from this, making a physical drawing can be costly at most times because it requires a lot of hard work. Using animation cuts the costs, especially if you have an expert in your team.

· Problem assessment

As already mentioned, animation gives a fool-proof, realistic image of the project. This makes it easy to assess real problems. Architects can do many necessary tests to verify that their plans have no loopholes. Most of these tests are precise and help eliminate even the minor problems before the beginning of the construction. And if you make use of 3D visualization, things become easier. By testing the components like spacing and lighting, you can be double sure that your project is excellent.

· Easy to understand

The images created using 3D animation are user-friendly. In the past, we had the traditional drawings of the buildings which rarely conveyed any meaning to a layman. But, animated images are far from incomprehensible. Anybody who looks at the images can identify which is the bedroom and which is the kitchen. The builders give a clear-cut idea of what to expect even before the construction begins. This is great at winning the trust of the clients who they are working for. In short, the images give a simulation of the building or the property like the way it would appear in real-time.

· Good for marketing

You already know that images make a great impact in people’s minds than anything else. It is observed that people get attracted to animated images more than the pictures taken by a camera or for that matter a drawing. Real estate companies use these realistic images as effective marketing tools to project their works. These are appealing to the eyes and grab attention instantaneously. The animators usually create the models in great style so as to gain more customers and make their business flourish in the process.

· Easy to get government approval

Unclear pictures of buildings and other properties are usually rejected by the local governments. This is mainly due to the uncertainty factor in their appearance. But, with realistic images that are made by animation, you can be more confident about your images. Such images erase the uncertainty factor and make it easy to get approval from the government.

These days, the number of real estate businesses making use of animation is increasing due to the benefits offered by the animated pictures. The clients are very choosy making it necessary for the builders to pick the right techniques to impress them carefully.

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