Designing A Mobile App for a Furniture Rental Startup 🛋

Alberta Devor
2 min readDec 7, 2017


After spotting Feather in one of Y Combinator’s recent demo days, Lina Ruimin Sim, Helen Cho, and I were inspired by the startup’s mission.

“Feather is a modern-day furniture rental company, helping people own less and live more. We take the pain out of owning furniture — buying, assembling, moving, and selling — by renting beautifully designed furnishings and picking them up when you’re finished.” — Feather mission statement as found on CrunchBase

However we noticed that Feather didn’t have a mobile app, only a desktop website. In addition, Feather’s rental aspect was not prominent even though this is a major aspect of the company.

Main screen and product package screen of our design of the Feather app.

We decided to create this app to retain Feather’s design principles while updating its color palette and user flow to be more accessible to their target audience (hip millennials!).

Specifically we focused on the following three aspects:

If you want to check out our full prototype please check it out here!

We’re actively looking to improve this work so if you have any feedback it would be greatly appreciated! 💁 🛋