Today is Fitness Day!


Are you looking for gym motivation that actually works?

Well, it’s your lucky day! At Fitness Savvy, we know that reaching goals takes hard work and dedication but also that it frequently takes big amounts of motivation to put in that hard work and dedication. And that motivation can be hard to come by. So here’s our definitive, ‘normal person’ guide to workout motivation.

Listening to Music as Gym Motivation

Listen to your favorite songs to get you pumped up. Be that grime, hairdresser rock or Take That. Create your own personalized Get Pumped mixtape (playlist, to you younger readers) and play it when you’re on the way to the gym, as you leave work or during a Saturday morning pre-exercise breakfast. As you listen, imagine yourself crossing that finishing line, getting that trophy or parading that beach with your ideal body.

Eating Healthy Food

It may seem obvious, but eating a slow energy release meal will energize you and power you through a workout. Vegetables, lean protein and brown rice should do it. Unless eating a pile of chips guilt trips you into going to the gym, it’s unlikely you’ll feel anything but sluggish after a highly processed or fatty meal, making the gym/bike/park even less appealing.

Home Gym

If you have a weight bench, static bike trainer, a running machine or yoga mat and app at home, the chances are, you’ll be more likely to dedicate time to exercise. Getting gym motivation is easier if you don’t have to travel anywhere or you’re restricted by gym opening times. And of course, there’s also the great outdoors. A pair of decent trainers is really all you need to go running outside. Many public open spaces now also have outdoor gym equipment that you can use for free.

Wear Your Gym Gear

Get up, put it on. Some scientific studies (conducted under strict conditions in the Fitness Savvy office) show that having gym gear on leads to gym motivation. Especially if it’s a little bit uncomfortable, as you’ll be in a hurry to work out, and get it off. Lay it out the night before if you need to, or bring it to work to change into before you leave.

Have a Celeb Body Crush

Whether it’s long and lean Joe Wicks The Body Coach, famed for his Lean in 15 meals and HIIT workouts, super fit plyometric queen Kayla Itsines, or Arnie himself, get inspired by them. Celebrities have more money and time to get fit than the rest of us, but there’s no reason you shouldn’t have their body goals in sight too.

Nothing incites gym motivation more than a set goal. Just be clear with the amount of time you have and how much effort you really think you can put in each week to meet your goals. Both Joe and Kayla have exercise and diet programmed you can sign up for that really get results. Even Arnold has gym motivation speeches on YouTube.

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