Four Top Reasons Why People Enjoy Cigars

There are a lot of misconceptions about cigars, counting the obvious health risks of tobacco use — even if you would argue that, not like cigarettes, an occasional cigar can give benefit to your overall mental health. Like everything in life, the midway of moderation is the key. You can now buy different types of cigars even from online stores. JR Cigars and Thompson Cigar are the two primary sources to buy cigars online. Additionally, you can use JR Cigars coupons and enjoy free shipping on your order entire year. When you talk about the cigar enjoyment, in this article, we hope to explain to you why people enjoy smoking cigars and probably remove some of the negative dishonors associated with the hobby.


One of the most common reasons behind enjoying cigars is that people enjoy smoking cigars. Cigars can take between 40 minutes to 2 hours to smoke, depends on the size of a cigar. This can be a time of peaceful reflection away from outside troubles. It can also serve as to read a good book or as an excuse to enjoy doing nothing. Most people’s favorite spot to smoke generally depends on your mood. You might either be on your small back porch with a good book or at your local tobacconist with interesting folks. Many of us feel embarrassed taking moments for ourselves and peaceful reflection. There is always something to do like some projects to complete or deadline approaching.

Cigar is The Art

Many smokers are shocked to realize how much work drives into making one smokeable cigar. This is a simple detail for a complicated process with a lot of variables, but mostly it starts with the tobacco fields. These friends are found in Nicaragua, Honduras, it is the Dominican Republic and, of course, Cuba. The tobacco is initially harvested and cured. A cigar has three basic parts that all come together in the rolling process: binder, filler, and wrapper. The binder is the simple glue that holds the cigar together. This is usually a single leaf. The filler is the “gathered” tobacco which is filled inside the cigar while the wrapper is the most significant component of a cigar, as it imparts the majority of the flavor to the cigar.

Variety of The Flavors

Most of the cigars are tasty and available in different flavors. In the long run, that’s why people enjoy smoking cigars. What would be the common point if you don’t enjoy the taste? And like the variations found in the flavors of cigars, wine can have a multitude of interesting notes and touches as you smoke. If you have never smoked a cigar, our suggestion is to go with someone who is a good player in this field. Cigars can be duplicitous with the nicotine if you are not careful. If you want your first time to pleasant, then you are because there are options.

The Hobby

Some people use cigar not only because they like smoking but also because they love doing it on a daily basis. They enjoy smoking because they have made smoking cigar their hobby. As a “cigar fellow,” it is hard for you to not completely out when talking about cigars. There are millions of things you could talk about: the proper way to season a humidor, the core reasons behind different sizes of a cigar, what type of “herf” is, etc. The world of cigars is just like everything else with an ironic history and continuously changing industry. You can read every blog, magazine or website and still not feel like you are on top of things.