My story as “Phone Enthusiast”

Hello there! Let me tell you that I’m quite a nerd. I’m not a coder. I’m not an IT guy who like to tinkering with Personal Computer and stuff. I was an associate with Law Degree who working at middle tier law firm.

However, deep inside, I’m a smartphone enthusiast, a little bit tech savvy person. I had a exquisite knowledge on different type of phones and brands. Frequently, my colleagues, family and friends asked me whenever they want to buy a new one.

As a smartphone enthusiast, I acknowledge that almost every months, a smartphone manufacture companies will likely to introduce another new types of smartphone. Flagship to low-end. Pricey to cheap.

There are plenty of a new model, features and gimmick. All are available. Curved screen? checked. 4GB of RAM? checked. Heart rate monitor? Checked. Revolutionary 12 Megapixel iSight Camera blah blah blah? all checked.

Those companies bombards us with a tons of advertisement to sell their products. Everywhere. Either inspire or depressing. They throw the bait, and i was the little fish who took the bait.

I’m not looking for a justification or blame anyone. Despite those good ads (which mean the creative team between the ads succeed), it’s truly hard for me to control my desire to buy such sparkling pieces of techno-beauty who became obsolete in just six months, if they comes with good and persuasive ads.

With my weakness, I starting my two year swapping between a lot of smartphones.


Let me enlist to you the result of my enthusiasm along with the summary of my experiences. At least 20 different smartphones. Started since late 2013. No joke and I admit it was insane. My brain keeping an supportive bias upon my choices below:

Illustration on piles of smartphones.
  • APPLE? I had monotous yet quality experience on iPhone 5 and iPhone 6.
  • SAMSUNG? I had evolving experience with Galaxy S4, Galaxy A5, and Galaxy Note 4.
  • SONY? I had long battery life between charge with Xperia Z Ultra, Xperia Z1 Compact, and Xperia Z2.
  • MOTOROLA? Oh yeah, Moto G for God’s sake! I had it! And sell it in just two weeks.
  • LG? Of course extreme battery life on LG G2 and pure Android with Google Nexus 5.
  • ASUS? I had VERY DISAPPOINTING battery life with Asus Zenfone 5.
  • BLACKBERRY? I had GOOD typing experience with Q10 while keeping my beloved but easily to scream for juice Z10.
  • NOKIA/MICROSOFT? I had good time with Nokia Lumia 920, Lumia 925, and Lumia 535.
  • Hipster Chinese brand? OPPO Find 7a with its camera, ONE PLUS One with its great community support (both are manufactured with different companies yet share similar ultimate shareholders) and currently using the low end MEIZU M2.


Not being a smart-ass, but there are clear difference between two. Obsession involves neurotransmitters in brain. When I obsessed, I strive to reduce the anxiety molecules in my brain. However, an enthusiasm was a ​feeling of energetic interest in a ​particular subject or activity and an eagerness to be ​involved in it.

When I’m seeing a new smartphone, i feel those energetic interest and eagerness to using it. That’s why I called this an enthusiasm. Pardon for my justification.


There are top three flaws caused with my enthusiasm on smartphones, which are consist the following:

  1. I use my phones right up even I turn off the lights which leads to suppression of melatonin and difficulty of sleeping. I reduce my sleep time to 4–5 hours . This really disrupt my sleep cycle, which then impairs the all-important processes that my brain requires for its nightly housekeeping. Later impacted my performance to get my work done.
  2. FOMO (FEAR OF MISSING OUT). I checked my phones daily a LOT. My virtual social reality includes: Whatsapp, BBM, LINE, Twitter, Facebook, Path, and Snapchat. I fear to miss out my virtual Tworld when I missing out is a real social world right in front of my face. Here an example of my FOMO: I go out for a dinner with my friends. In the middle of a conversation I checked my phones, swipe up the notification, reply a bit, and return to conversation and asking to them “What are you talking about? Did I miss something?”.
  3. The ultimate flaw. I’m easily to broke. Despite good monthly salary, my unplanned financial fueled with my enthusiasm forced me to pay a huge amount of bills.
Illustration of empty wallet.


Twenty different smartphones later, i confessed that i was wrong from the beginning. I was not looking for a perfect smartphones. I bought one, sold it, bought another, trade-in it, sold it, bought another again and sold it again until my brain screaming to stop. My real motives are biased. I just can’t control myself. I drowned into sea of boring quickly and gamble to use the new smartphones instead utilize which i possessed to its limit.

Once, I thought the answer lies in its high end specs, but i found that even the most high end Android phones have their own problems. There is no such things as a perfection. Perfection is just a marketing gimmick. Accept the imperfection is a bliss.

Smartphones is a mere tools. Basically, it just a cell phone with internet and apps. When people becomes a prisoner of their phones, its idiomatically become a cell phones.

With my current usage, a smartphone only last with me for average 6 weeks. This is my prison. I like a prisoner who constantly moving from one prison to another prison. I NEED TO ESCAPE. RIGHT NOW.

For now, my ticket to escape this roller coaster prison is a simple principle “Grateful for what I had and find a happiness”.

I believe this is not a biased justification. After sold my high end phone to pay my debt and using a low end phone, I’m starting to focus on other things that matters. Matters that makes me actually happy.

PS: All images in this story is not my property and belong to their rights owner. I will remove it, if necessary, based on valid demands. Furthermore, sorry for poor quality grammar mistakes. Any suggestion will help.