January 29, 2016

Today registered as follows:

Weight/Body Fat:

156.8 lbs, 11.9%


Did a bunch of body weight exercises. A bit sore.




3 snack-size bags of dry-roasted almonds.


A nice IPA from the new reigning RateBeer champs Alpine Brewing (or two), and the following shameless indulgences from dinner at Her Name Is Han: pork shoulder tahng-soo-yuke (deep-fried in beer batter and tossed in sweet-sour sauce), baby octopus in citrus oil, Korean army stew, braised and steamed pork belly with pickled kimchi and assorted veggies. Shit was bomb.


TGIF. All hail the weekend.

For more information on why on Earth I eat the way I eat, please see my article.

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