How To: Optimizing your workflow

Aliasing your terminal

Aliasing your terminal allows you to quickly run frequently used commands without the need to type out the entire command. For example, git fetch and git checkout are two commands I use everyday. I aliased those commands to gitf and gitco. Imagine how useful this would be for longer commands like ‘rm -rf node_modules && npm i’.


Using Alfred to optimize your workflows like accessing Git or searching documentation. Alfred is the replacement to Apple Spotlight as it adds a whole bunch of features and downloadable plugins that Spotlight doesn’t have.

Learning Hotkeys

Learning the hotkeys for your most commonly used apps can greatly increase your productivity. I made a conscious effort to learn hotkeys for Github, iTerm (or Terminal) and for my code editor (VSCode). The initial overhead of learning hotkeys will greatly pay off when you are no longer fumbling with your mouse trying to surf through application menus. You can find hotkey ‘cheatsheets’ for almost any app simply by googling. You’d be surprised… the internet is a great place for information :)