Tools used by bert, a frontend dev.

Jump around directories simply by typing `z [some_directory_name]`. This is very useful as it keeps a history of your most frequently used paths and can guess which path you are referring to when using the `z` command. Guessing directories you’ve already been to is a thing of the past!

A very powerful, reliable, and feature rich text editor. I have used many different text editors throughout the years (Notepad++, Sublime, Atom) and VSCode has been the editor which I have stuck with the longest. There is nothing wrong with the other editors I mentioned, I just wanted to shout VSCode out because it’s been working well for me and my team at Fanatics. It seems like most of the engineering org is using it as well (based on the screens I see walking around the office)
Slack allows you to easily communicate with a group of people and has entire workflows built in to it. You can do things like create bots that creates reminder or pair program with someone by sharing your screen. Greatest communication tool of century, hands down. I use it at work and at home. If I had to stick with one communication tool for the rest of my life it would easily be Slack.
Replaces Apple Spotlight. Allows you to reskin to any color as well as add workflows. In this screenshot I am using it to quickly navigate to my github repos without needing to open a browser, navigate to, and then click around until I find my repo. Alfred is super powerful and would HIGHLY recommend everyone use it over Spotlight.