Four outstanding characteristics of empire war game

Tiger Knight War is an action-strategy game, set during the era of ancient medieval warfare. Players take control of a fearless general, and lead their troops and adjutants into battle. In empire war game, players can experience a wide range of fun and excitement thanks to four unique characteristics that set the game apart from its competitors.
№1: The creative action elements
This game has uses a classical action design similar to that of Mount & Blade, where players can block and attack across four directions. Players can also initiate a powerful charge, which can be used to launch a fierce attack. Using these techniques in tandem can create some dazzling combos, pushing the enemies blocking and parrying skills to the limit.

№2: Diverse troop design
At present there are more than 90 different kinds of troops available in empire war game. These represent heavy infantry for frontline combat, light infantry for mobile attacks, and cavalry for crushing the opponent. In addition, light cavalry can be deployed to scout and harass the enemy, while archers can offer a formidable ranged attack option.

№3: The inclusion of famous historical figures
Tiger Knight includes an adjutant system, with each adjutant being either a famous warrior from the Three Kingdoms era or a mighty Roman signifier. They fight alongside the player on the battlefield and provide powerful buffs and formation options to the troops. When used correctly, a suitable adjutant can turn the tide of battle.