Zhong Langjiang Armored Military Uniform

The ‘Armored Military Uniform’ was an advanced attire worn by war games online generals during the fall of the Han dynasty. The uniform consisted of bright pallets on the exterior, vermilion Chinese robe on the interior, a metal helmet and iron tipped boots. The bright pallets were a new form of armor that appeared during this time. These pallets were painstakingly polished and supplemented with bronze to make them dazzle in the daylight and exude an air of style.

New Adjutant: Huangfu Song
Huangfu Song was a military general and strategist who lived in the Eastern Han dynasty. He was born in Liangzhou to a family of generals and became famous for leading his troops to victory over the Yellow Turban forces in locations such as Changshe, Guangzong, and Quyang, thereby playing a pivotal role in ultimately suppressing the Yellow Turban rebellion. He was also involved in the suppression of the North-West rebellion, the operation to wipe out Dong Zhuo’s bloodline, and he was the first important military figure during the fall of the Han dynasty.
First Recharge Event
June 1st — July 25th, players charging any amount of money or buying any DLC will get the intermediate level weapon ‘Gaul Bloody Sword’, 2 Soldier Seals-B, and a Thunder Silver Chest. The gifts will be sent to the in-game box.
Supply Box
The reward pool has been updated to include the rare weapon ‘Dragon banner crossbow’.

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