Social Bubble

First of all, this is my first story ever on this Medium app. It will be a mix of true events and fantasy with a little bit of fiction between the lines. If you are ready for this drug-free ride short story, welcome. Otherwise keep browsing until you find what you’re looking for.

Chapter 1: Virtual Parks

Before the social madness world that we live in there was an only digital park called IRC. Very few knew about it because the only way to enjoy it was inside a library… not a typical place to hang out for young people that can’t afford a computer. It wasn’t easy either. Someone had to introduce you to others members so it was like a VIP list for a virtual party that nobody knew about it. It was that secret.

Finding someone to “chat” was difficult. So, the first thing I did was researching people at the library. I needed to know what they were chatting about or what the topics were so I get an idea of what this IRC was about. That’s when I saw her. Short, pretty, not happy or sad, big eyeglasses and no makeup. Regular wear not fancy at all. Back in those days the nicknames like “nerd”, “geek”, “noob” or “hipster” were never used. Students were divided in two groups: weird people and normal people. Basically you avoid talking with weirds and that was it. No “bullying” or anything like that. People were having fun with other things like the sony yellow waterproof walkman and the BMX bikes. So she was definitely part of the weird part of the school.

I was looking at her so much that she just look at me in a way like thinking: “is this guy is looking at me?” “Seriosly?” And then went back to chatting so fast that I wasn’t able to smile in that first connection. So I stand up and walk to her and start reading her private “chat room” conversation behind her back. I didn’t understand what was going on. Nothing was like a normal conversation. It was like this:

Chr: “what about the creepy guy?”

Ham: “I bought a pizza without cheese yesterday”

Dom: “this is the most boring movie of all time”

Ham: “good luck with the new version is better to be the first half of the day before I get a follow back on my way home.

Chr: “what????”

Dom: “boring!!!”

Rosx: “the creepy guy is behind my back now!”

I was in shock! She was talking about me and I didn’t knew what to do! So I was going to say “hello” when suddenly she says “are you lost?” I said “no” she says: “go find your own virtual park to play, kiddo. This one is full”.

“Virtual Park” I said.

“Virtual Park” she repeat after me.

I smile. She smile. I was ready for next day.

Chapter 2: Chatting battles.

The next day I was there looking for her. She was in the same computer chatting in the same chat room and an empty chair was beside her. I sit down and she said: “use that computer” so I sit down and she whispered: “wait for me to introduce you” I said: “ok” and then she start typing:

“Guys this is my stalker friend ‘kr33p’ he is a new born… sort of”

That was it. I was ‘Kr33p’ the brand new member of a social group that didn’t knew each other and desperately wait to be together in this dark screen full of texts.

I said: “so, how often you come here to chat?”

She said: “Type! Don’t talk.”

So I type the same question on my PC and all of them start answering at the same time. I realized I wasn’t allowed to ask real stuff or personal stuff. This was a world of magic and a unrealistic social gathering playground.

I was lost. How can I talk to her like a person? Why she is very funny and open about everything inside this bubble but outside in real life she is so quiet and sad?

Suddenly a pop up window appear in front of me saying: “this is a PM nobody can read this but you. If you want to ask me anything you can use this method.” And for some reason I felt I was listening to her for the first time in my life.

“What’s your name?” I asked.

“Next question” she replied.

“Do you have a boyfriend?” I asked.

“Yes. You are!” She said.

“Me?!” I asked like trying to understand.

“Kr33p is my boyfriend” she said.

That was sad. Even in private mode nothing was real. I was disappointed about how she was hiding behind that computer and didn’t wanted to know me for real.

So I had an idea.

The next day I was in the library very early and unplugged all the computers from the building. That way she will be forced to talk to me a couple of minutes until the technician fix all the problems. Right?

I’m still waiting for her. That was last year. I don’t know if I ended the social bubble or this is how you start your own.

Social Bubble. It’s fun until it pops.

The End.