Redecorating Your Home For Chinese New Year

Your home, being your refuge after battling out through life, reflects so much about your personality, lifestyle, and the goals that you want to achieve in life. While we are all busy making a living, the Chinese New Year presents the perfect opportunity to take a step back, evaluate what we have done in the past year, realise our mistakes, appreciate the great things that have happened, and correct our wrongdoings. It applies to all aspects, most especially to how we take care and beautify our dwelling places, where we recharge our bodies and refresh our spirit.


Oftentimes, we do not notice the clutter in our own homes because we are so used to seeing the things that we own, that it seems like it’s a part of the original structure. Get rid of old shoes that you barely use anymore, old clothes and bags that have stayed more than two years in your closet, throw out or donate those gifts that you will never seem to use, décor that have accumulated dust, wrappers, papers, broken items that you don’t have time to fix. Move them out of your house to make way for more space, more positive energy to flow. Clean your walls, floors, windows, light fixtures, furniture, and all other things inside the home. Vacuum, mop, dust, and get rid of all harmful elements that might pose a risk to overall health.

According to Chinese Feng Shui experts, clearing your home of unnecessary things is symbolic in the sense that you are making an effort to get rid of negative energy such as those of troubles, sickness, and sadness. You should do this before the Chinese New Year celebrations to start a new, comfortable, and happy life all throughout the years to come.

Curtains and Blinds

The curtain is a crucial part of the home, as it instantly enhances the look of any space, adding colour and depth. It doesn’t only regulate the amount of sunlight coming in, but also takes care of the privacy settings of your home, which is the main purpose of blinds as well. Of course, part of the decluttering before the Chinese New Year festivities is cleaning up your curtains and blinds. The curtains usually have a label attached to them, carrying the information on how to clean and take care of them. Some may be cleaned just by vacuum, others require a more intense kind of washing.

If you want a totally fresh look for your home, it would be nice to get new curtains or blinds in the lucky colours of the Year of the Fire Monkey, which are Gold, Yellow, and Blue. Otherwise, some Feng Shui experts believe that the living room is best with lively fire colours such as shades of red and purple which aim to stimulate conversations and activity. Dining rooms are suggested to embody the colours of gold, terra cotta, or other soft yin colours which symbolises eating and digesting food. On the other hand, white, cream, and pastels are the best colours for the bedroom because they encourage restfulness and relaxation. In Singapore, curtains with bold prints are not recommended in the bedroom because it is too lively and doesn’t promote tranquillity.

Redecorating your home does not necessarily mean buying lots of new stuff as if you are coming home to a new place. With general cleaning and some little tweaks on window treatments, you can create a home that is ready to welcome more fresh air and a huge amount of positive energy.