Why Spend Valentine’s Day in An Airshow?

Valentine’s Day is usually celebrated by couples having their vacation, eating in a fancy restaurant, giving gifts, or other sweet gestures to show their love for each other. However, this day must not only be about celebration of romantic love, but also other types of love. Whether you are single or in a relationship, you might want a place where you can spend this day. If you want to gain new experiences and go for something unconventional, airshow event is perfect for you. Below are the reasons why we think it is a great idea to spend your Valentine’s Day in an airshow.

1. It is not only for couples

Who says that Valentine’s Day is only celebrated by couples? This day can also be celebrated with your other loved ones like your family and friends. Whether you are planning to go with your kids or attend the event with your parents, you can still enjoy it even if you are single. Do not hesitate to go in this event especially if you have your family and friends to go with you. Many activities and experiences could be enjoyed by people in any age group. The airshow has also partner hotels where you can stay with your loved ones. Straight ahead to your hotel room after spending your day seeing aircraft displays and watching flying display teams show their skills during aerobatic flying display.

2. It is informative

Whether it is not your first time to attend an airshow, you will still gain new information and learnings during conferences and forums led by prominent people in the industry. The learning experience is even more experienced by the first timers. People who attend an airshow will learn the different kinds of aircrafts and its features. You will know the teams who joined the aerobatic flying display and the professional pilots behind each team. There is also a chance for you to meet them personally and even get their autographs. People will also know the types of aircrafts that can be used for business aviation.

2. It will amaze you

It is not every day you will witness different aircrafts and helicopters do breathtaking stunts. Attending airshow will give you the opportunity to see pilots do maneuvers and other aerial performance to show their skills and amaze the audiences. All teams that will be performing are professionals and come from different countries such as Singapore, Korea, Malaysia, France, and even US. They will be using different kinds of aircraft that has different features. The aerobatic flying displays will not only make the kids amazed with their performance, but also the adults who will witness it. Some flying display teams are renowned globally and even won awards in different competitions. Watching an airshow is a fun and memorable experience for couples, adults, and kids. Do not waste the opportunity to be amazed with the skills of the elites. The aerobatic flying displays usually take forty minutes to be enjoyed by audiences of any age.

3. It offers new experience

Aside from witnessing amazing aerobic flying displays, there is also static aircraft display that will impress you. You might have experienced riding on a plane when you had your out of the country trip, but have you ever been inside a fighter jet? The static aircraft display will give you the opportunity to witness different kinds of aircrafts including attack helicopter, business jet, early warning aircraft, fighter jet, ground based air defence, single turboprop, transport, transport helicopter, twin turboprop, UAV, utility helicopter, and utility turboprop. Visitors of the airshow will not only see the exterior of each aircrafts, but they can also see what is inside it. Enjoy your opportunity to see different advanced avionics and take a photo while you are seating inside a business jet. Be amazed with these transport giants and fulfill your dream of seeing and experiencing what it feels like to be inside of different aircrafts.