Full Stack Confusionment [beware rant inside]

So here we are, almost at the end of the year 2016 and the UI of 3 of the top 5 sites in the whole world are simple as shit:

Position 1 and 4: A logo img and a text input
Position 3: An infinite scroll of media list items

Well what a fucking disruption those sites are causing, apparently we have come a long way from… mmm what the hell! Nothing has changed!

I remember myspace, it was a scroll of media list items, I believe that the only thing that was missing was the “infinite part” (maybe they had it I dont remember).

And altavista, the first search engine I used was mmm yes you guessed it a logo image and a text input, I believe they did have a search button, so… the improvement there was removing the button?

So WTF OMG then whats up with all those Javascript Framework wars, CSS improvements, Browser Standards compliance … and the fucking list goes on and on.

Well let me tell you, it’s all politics, and I say politics because I just can’t stand all the lying in politics, so yes it is all lies to hide the real intention…

(Yes I am going full conspiranoic from here on)

The race to control the programming languages and environments has moved from the server side code and desktop code to the web infrastructure.

They are trying to monopolize everything, but there is so much involved that we the developers end up in a situation were we deal with multiple monopolies in the different levels of the stack.

Yes they have tens or hundreds of software engineers, all working in mini performance gains, so they don’t care, they live in a different world, they struggle with AI algorithms to know who’s cat appears on the uploaded picture.

I am just trying to make a single input field to fucking work and look “good” across browsers (sometimes I only get one of those)

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