Search and The Taste of Your Average

These days, we navigate life through search.

We search to eat, to learn, to travel, to date, and to find work.

We search during the moments that matter on our mobile devices.

Search gives us super powers. Search makes us faster and smarter, but it also gives us a taste of our average.

Search engines push content based on our consumption behavior or people “like us” behavior.

We have gotten trapped in the limitations of algorithmic recommendations. No surprise from discovering something we loved but didn’t expect.

We watch the movies that we are supposed to watch.

We dine at the restaurants that we are presumed to dine.

We shop where we are expected to shop.

To escape the tyranny of the average, we follow the few brave souls that are breaking the mold.

People willing to defy the norm and become the tastemaker of their destiny.

They are the new curators in this age of abundance. We call them influencers. They give us a search result that is imperfect, irrational, unexpected, but mostly human.

They push the envelope on society’s social norms, creating frictions with conventionality.

Search as we know it — Google, Amazon, and Facebook — is decentralizing because of influencers.

They are building a legion of followers and driving mass consumption across all categories like movies, fashion, fitness, travel, and music.

Influencers are loyal to no one except their fans.

Google’s competition as a search engine is not Facebook. It has become influencers.

Influencers curate across platforms: Instagram for their pics. Spotify for their playlists. Youtube for their videos. LinkedIn to share career advice. Snapchat and Facebook for live video stories.

Hence, people follow people, not products and services. Platforms will soon need to adapt to the influencers to stay relevant.