Religions That has Shaped the Human Being I am

Religion is an institute or idea that has shaped humans for centuries. Religion has been part of humans since the origin of the so-called first communities or “Huntering-gatherering” groups. The first type of priest were the shamans, and their Gods were the stars, the sun or the moon.

As a Homo sapiens that is part of this so called 21 century created by my fellows Homo sapiens, I consider myself an atheist person. Regardless of this ideology of not believing in the idea of God, I must admit and admire the incredible influence of religions in my race. Although I regret the atrocities made in the past in the name of religions I keep for myself and apply in my life a few teachings or “ways of life” that I consider respectable or valuable from each religion. I call this idea “Citizen of the World.”

Abrahamic religions:


I grew up in a Christian family, and my family inculcated me all the values of this religion. I was really into this faith; I was considered a “Child of God,” going to church every Sunday as so forth. When I turned sixteen and started to do research about it, I realized other ideas and began to question my religion. Regardless of this state of “rebellion” as my parents called it, I took the best of Jesus in my understanding and applied in my life.

The teachings of Jesus about love and respect are two aspects that I try to use in my life all the time. I found his views about love fantastic, and how following this idea about love we can create a better world. Love and respect among humans are what we need today to create a better world. I know is hard and probably an unrealistic idea if we put it in contrast with the world we have today, but that does not change the fact that I try to make a difference. I treat the people around me with respect and love, always willing to listen to other person’s point of view, and understand their situation. Also because of these values, I started to help homeless people. I usually go to homeless areas and give them food and clothes. Also, as Jesus said in Mark 16:15–16 “ And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.” I spread the world of love and respect in my community.


When I think about Muslim people, the first idea that crosses my mind is these people are willing to complete their task every day and achieve their goals with hard work. Islam is a beautiful religion that teaches how to be productive, consistent and to never gives up on your dreams with a constant plan (something like SMART goals). The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) besides being their messiah or spiritual leader, led a life to pursue his goal and never gave up. Another aspect I like about them is their pursuit of knowledge and how knowledge is so valuable for them. I apply these two ideologies in my life, I never give up but follow a plan to achieve my dreams, and of course willing this pursuit of knowledge, that it is, in fact, one of my dreams or goals of life.

Eastern Religions:

- Buddhism:

Buddhism has this extraordinary way of life called “ the middle way.” This philosophy of life was reached by Siddhartha Gautama (Buddha) during his search for enlightenment. I follow this idea of the middle life; that is, in essence, to do not have excesses in life. This gives me the understanding that everything is Ephemeral and I am not a special being or something similar, and I need some practices in my life if I want to accomplish my goals. I complement this idea with meditation. I meditate every morning in a Buddhist way, trying to reach mindfulness and inner peace. Meditation also helps me to be more focused in life to seek knowledge, but understanding that knowledge without wisdom is nothing.


Of this ancient Chinese religion, I took the incredible doctrine of the Junzi. Junzi is translated as the idea of a gentleman.This gentleman has all the qualities and behaves in the perfect way to fit in society and make a difference in his community. A junzi is usually a loyal person and knowledgeable. The junzi disciplines himself, and also needs the idea of Ren( compassion) to become one. This whole idea of Junzi helps me to be a proper human being in my society, although I do not agree with all the “tricks” or rules our society has today. I understand the only way I have at this moment to become a successful person and applying Junzi helps me to achieve this.

Life is all about finding the “meaning of life,” this meaning it is an entirely subjective point of view. You make your life what you want, and that is why I do not follow a specific religion. I believe religions are just ideologies, ways of life that everyone can join and follow, but that does not mean that each one is the unique right or the only one you can follow. I see myself as a citizen of the world, without a particular culture, religion or nationality. I am just enjoying the magnificent creations of my race. Applying these different ideologies of these various religions, in my perspective, makes me a better human being. I can spread love and respect with the consciousness of hard work. I am also a person pursuing knowledge, but without leaving out the pursuit of wisdom, these two supported by my pursuit of mindfulness and inner peace. To be able to accomplish all these ideas, I have to behave in a proper way in society so I will be able to keep growing as a human and junzi provides me with that. In the end, all these ideologies help me to reach my final goal, a dream that maybe I would never be able to accomplish, become a Übermensch.