Real Connections MADE!

I am the host of INSTREAMJustConnect. A podcast where I sit and talk to interesting individuals about their game changing ideas, start ups & cool life stories. I never imagined myself starting my own podcast. I mean I talked about it, sure, but who hasn’t?

When LondonReal popped into my life I never really knew what to expect. Naturally, being a skeptical person I joined the class, cautious of being scammed. Later, as the 8 week course progressed my attitude toward the LondonReal Broadcast Yourself program began to change. I look back now and tons of my resistance came from within, feeling like this course was too good to be true. By the end of the course Brian Rose was my trusted mentor. I am now completely immersed in the LR experience!

By no means was the course without it’s hiccups, however, it’s important to experience adversity, so that you can grow and become the hero of your journey!

The accountability document designed and tested by Jocko Willinks has given me an understanding of displine that I will never forget! Additionally, the LR community worked with me inside-out coaching me along my journey. I had many moments of feeling up & down, however, I began to channel my emotions towards my work and I got back what I put in. This academy is truly one of powerful love and accountability.

A special thanks to the savages from #teambailes and Brian Rose for great passion to do good in the world!