How I came to be an iOS Dev

This is an anecdote I always share on my interviews, it presented so many challenges I really feel proud of it.

It started while studying my last year of high school, I already knew that I wanted to study comp sci but I had only taken a single course on Java programming. I got notified about a campus wide contest in which the students had to develop a mobile application. iPhone apps were still starting to grow, back in that time iOS was still within 4.0, no notifications and barely getting multitasking, so programming was also not as easy and nice as nowadays.

The most I took from this experience was that I rallied with another highschool friend of mine and decided to get coding. Long story short, we had to take many nights to learn how to code in Objective-C , mostly by looking at apple’s documentation, Youtube tutorials and testing without a developer profile (so no physical devices) but eventually, we made it, and won 1st place when competing against university students going through the Computer Science majors.

We won an iPad, lost days of sleep, cried and got angry, but in the end, it was all well worth it.

Final app

PS: After getting the reward iPad I purchased a developer license and was able to build the project in an actual device. All the iPhone devs can’t lie, the first time they run their own project on a physical device, you know instantly that you either love (or hate) mobile developing.

6 years later, and after working in a company internationally, here I am. Still convinced about this path.