As contractors know, there are certain tools that they need to have on hand at all times. No matter what field of contracting you’re in, there are some tools that are universally used.

Alberto Mordoki is a contractor and entrepreneur from Fullerton, California who has used almost every tool imaginable. He shares his insight into the tools that every contractor needs to have in their tool belt at all times.

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Adjustable Wrench

Adjustable wrenches are both handy and convenient, namely because they prevent you from having to carry around several different types and sizes of wrenches in your toolbox. No contractor, including Alberto Mordoki, enjoys having a bulky, heavy toolbox always by his side. Investing in an adjustable wrench and other adjustable or all-in-one tools like the power drill is generally a good idea, both in terms of increased convenience and lightening the physical burden of carrying tools from site to site. …

Homeowners tend to feel like there’s always something that could be worked on or improved in their home. Looking to make it as comfortable, functional, and trendy as possible, many people are able to find something that is in need of replacement, repair, or improvement, and that is where contractors come in.

Alberto Mordoki is a contractor and entrepreneur from Fullerton, California. He started his construction company in 2012. The company is involved in construction, drywall installation, and taping, as well as suspended ceilings for residential and commercial properties in Fullerton. In the past, he was the owner of another drywall company, but at a certain point due to economic changes during a recession he got out of the drywall business and worked solo with a few helpers and subcontractors, working on fixer uppers and working directly with homeowners. …

While hard to believe, it’s been over half a year since the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak has taken an unprecedented toll around the world. The lives of many have been forever changed and industries have seen drastic loss in both revenue and employment as a result. And while many businesses have resumed operations, policies and regulations have altered the way business is conducted now and in the immediate future.

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As the coronavirus continues to threaten the nation, both commercial builders and residential contractors have faced major challenges when dealing with this new reality. …


Alberto Mordoki

Entrepreneur with a Family Owned Business. Construction Consultant with expertise in drywall. Located in Fullerton, California.