How I write

I have been publishing daily for a couple of weeks, and a few people have asked me about my writing habits. At work, the most frequently asked question is whether I do it at work. Outside the office, people are curious if this silly thing I am doing is part of an assignment “or what”.

It is not part of an assignment and I don’t write at work.

I usually wake up two hours before I get to the office, and I spend the first one writing. I used to spend this time working and browsing the web, so I am quite happy with the new routine. Some days, that morning time is enough to finish a story, but sometimes I need to go back at it and develop it in the evening. Either way, I always need to go back to the draft, review its structure, change some words, do some spell and Spanglish check, and fix typos. I know, I discovered editing.

The moment I have an idea and some bullet point items that I think will make it to the article, I share that early draft with Silvia so she can give me feedback and start thinking about her illustration. Medium has a nice share feature for drafts that makes this process really easy.

Ideas. Oh, ideas. Some people have asked me if I had an archive of articles that I am now publishing. I don’t, and of course coming up with ideas has been a challenge for this stupid daily publishing commitment I made. I have tried asking people around me about what topics I should be covering, and so far I have failed miserably with this social strategy. Something I have found useful is keeping a list of potential ideas. I use the iOS reminders app, and checking items off the list brings a mix of satisfaction and frightening thoughts of a soldier in the trenches running out of armor.