Rometa, one of the best block making machines in the world

Through the scientific capitalization, mixing, and high pressure produced by the machine, the use of Machines for the manufacture of blocks has become the leading machinery in the world of construction and infrastructure.

block making machines for sale in USA ROMETA SA

The acquisition of machines to manufacture blocks (block making machines) seems to be a necessity for all construction companies, the old methods of manufacturing blocks seems to have disappeared so easily.

In countries with large infrastructures such as the UAE, Qatar, China, Japan, the United States of America, the United Kingdom and other countries that have large infrastructures, they also require block machines because with machines it requires less labor and improves efficiency.

Is it easy for any construction company to purchase a concrete block making machine?

With around $ 500, a small or medium-sized company can acquire a force of 30 kN mobile vibration (electric), 380 volts, and 5.2 KW of concrete brick / block that makes the machine about 1,500 capacity; Specifications may vary between makes and models.

However, is that enough for the most important construction companies that focus on million dollar projects and mega structures? Of course not.

With innovation and technology, the blocks that make the machines are advancing to meet the demands of this type of construction tasks.

With a list of prices ranging from thousands to tens of thousands (USD), there are large block making machines on the market.

In the last decade, manufacturers of blocking machines have different specifications of makes and models.

In recent times, there are hundreds of manufacturers that offer a high degree of machine accompanied with efficiency and an increase in the block sizes of the machines produce.

What does this mean for infrastructure engineers and construction companies?

It is the revolution of the reduction of the workmanship and an increase of the efficiency of the raw materials

Companies like, offers high grade and first class blocks and machineries to manufacture blocks.

Some of its machines include the Rometa 2010 automatic block machine that produces between 5,000 and 6,000 building blocks for every 8 hours, and can also produce solid blocks, bricks, cobbles, ceiling blocks, curbs, etc.

These machines require 3 operators (1 machine supervisor, 1 assistant, 1 truck dryer) and 2 operators outside of freight trucks and added to the hoppers.

While the ‘Rometa 4050’ produces 3,000 blocks per hour and 15 blocks per cycle; And for hollow blocks of 20 x 20 x 40: 3000 blocks / hour, with an efficiency of 100%.

It is very difficult now to build without a mixing machine or one to make concrete blocks.

The machine performs the mixing of good quality concrete within a relatively short time frame. The machine mixes different types of concrete with different performance that gives the opportunity to select a suitable mixer for the requirements of your mixing project

These block making machines are highly efficient, save manpower and reduce the deficiencies of old frying pan mixing machines and manual block making tools.