10000m men #worldchamps

What an amazin race today for 10k men in Bejing.Really an incredible show i liked very much.Mo Farah won his sixth global title.Impressive race because ran in those conditions not easy for anyone.

Kenyans were fantastic but not enough:Mo was ready to more speed and did an astonishing job as tactic and concentration.After 1km in 2.52 to study,african guys did something excellent pushing every km under 2.44 but not enough as told at BBC ..If u run 65–66 at lap it will be easier for Farah ..

Last 500m perfect tactic of Farah inside the track in first lane,as he loved, and lead the sprint from his preferred position.Mistake of Tanui at 300m to go ,when too late,he recognized a little gap did by Kamworor and Farah,and closed it too fast and immediately arriving at 150m without anymore fuel to do the sprint another time.

Otherwise..a very good beginning of Worlds with this fantastic race i loved so much to watch