How To Become A LED Lighting Distributor

Lighting has always been a lucrative business as it has immense scope of progress even in the short run. The business holds comparatively more prospects than other businesses because problems like market recession too cannot have much effect of the lighting business as it is more of a need than a luxury.

LED lights have a better chance to win over the market and they are already winning the race because they are energy efficient and provide more light than the conventional light bulbs or CFL’s and they come in the same price range too and hence affordability for the people is also not a big issue. The other attractive part is that they do not need completely different fittings or accessories and they can be easily used in the fittings of your existing CFL bulb holders. So, if a person is either thinking of changing a single fused bulb or of getting new lights for home or office the LED bulbs are a natural choice.

If you are thinking of taking up LED bulb distributorship, then it is a prudent decision as the market is wide and the scope of success is very high. But, as a word of caution, every business needs strategy and preparations and knowledge. Before taking the big plunge into the business it will be wise to ponder over few things:

Prior experience in the field

Although starting a distribution business has become quite easier in the present times with the increase in ecommerce and logistic facilities still if you have a prior experience in sales and distribution it will come as an added advantage


Taking up of any distributorship is always an investment centric task as you will need to procure the goods in bulk and in advance for getting the best rates from the manufacturer or authorized agent. So, you should be ready for investing the big bucks in the business.


You must have a warehouse to store all the goods as bulbs would take a lot of place and being a distributor you will need to buy a lot of varieties of LED bulbs to be used for various purposes. Hence, having a warehouse is a big requirement for LED business.

Generating sales

Generating sales is one of the biggest job for any distributor. Going through the ecommerce route can be an excellent approach in the current scenario as it saves a lot of manpower and sales effort. You can also have your own website for selling and do good SEO so that you rank high on the search pages.

Offline sale is also a good way to generate steady sales where you can contact local retailers for steady sales.

Direct marketing approach to big clients like industries or construction projects can also bring significant sales to your business. Many LED lighting Distributors in USA like Excel Automation have made their big name in the industry in Toledo, Ohio.

So, if you also want to have a standing in the distribution business then start with a strong footing and work in a systematic way and have a prosperous future ahead.